Wellness Testimonials

If you have a wellness success story you would like to share, please contact Carla Cosio at ccosio@fhcp.com or cccosio1@volusia.k12.fl.us or call 386-676-7100 Ext. 7247

Telephonic Health Coaching

"Coach Christine has taught me how to change my mindset when it comes to eating nutritious foods along with incorporating exercise. From defining and explaining the importance of eating organic foods, along with recommendations of different foods and recipes to try, to book recommendations, and answering my endless questions, she has encouraged me to branch out and try new things. My mindset has shifted since starting one-on-one health coaching with FHCP. I am not looking for a quick fix, or a new fad to lose weight fast. Coach Christine has taught me that creating healthy habits that become life long habits, are way more important. I am more confident in myself and in creating health goals because I know I have a supportive and caring coach by my side. Thank you Coach Christine and FHCP!"

I signed up with Florida Health Care wellness program for assistance with healthier eating habits and obtain guidance to change my unhealthy eating patterns. After signing up, I retained a severe reluctance to change. Personally, I try to acheive everything at once, look for a quick fix, which is unrealistic, and old behaviors return. This thought process has led to discouragement and disappointment.

My having a health coach, has helped in different, unimaginable ways; Each week, chatting with my coach, has helped me embrace a higher accountability in choosing small steps, small goals, and obtaining self-success. I am human, and I have tendencies to go three steps backwards, and one step forward. My first step forward was a choice. It was not the start of a new diet or a fad. It was a choice to change my life.

My coach and I shared many interesting ideas and tips to my recognizing how I feel about food, my thought process when making poor food choices verses choices for healthy food. It is the smallest change, making a simple choice, and owning it. In the same concept, each "small" pound, they all add up.

My coach is phenomenal, more so, she is supportive, she maintains a judgement free conversation, and we strategize a goal. I am single, her support allows me to feel like I belong to a team, and I am not alone. I look forward to changing the way I view food, slowly making healthier food choices, or food substitutes, and recognizing my own feelings surrounding my eating habits and a patterns, with no pressure. My coach has been a wonderful inspiration, I look forward to hearing from her, and there is a new excitment with each small success. It is said, when consuming food, "everything in moderation", using the same small steps to obtain healthier eating habits and weight loss, I also chose these steps to lead to "life cchoice changes", as each small success regarding food consumption; this to, is done in "moderation'.

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